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At RT Marine our mission is simple - empower our customers to get the very most out of their boats. 


RT Marine's Fiberglass Boat T-Top is a solid, lightweight, durable hard top with an OEM fit and finish. Our universal tower systems boast a patented groove technology which allows the tower to fit an array of boat consoles and ship worldwide.

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Chad Boozer

With 10 years of manufacturing experience, Chad is an asset in the production management operations and product development arena for RT Marine.


As a native South Carolinian born with a thirst for the outdoors, Chad started young, like many fishing enthusiasts, realizing early on the importance of having shelter out at sea. South Carolina summers are far too hot to spend any length of time out boating without shade from the sun. This understanding drives Chad to pursue the mission at RT Marine and provide customers with an attractive, well-built hard top and tower system to emphasize a better boating experience.

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